AltSounds redefines success


People are constantly bombarded with music that reflects the mainstream media’s opinion. What is mainstream media? It represents the “prevalent attitudes, values, and practices of a society”[1] or group of people who focus on the “next best thing.” These groups of people choose music based on which artists will give them back the largest profit, instead of providing the audience with a variety of genres. Alternative media instead chooses to provide a “range of perspectives and ideas that aren’t readily available in the profit-driven media products and outlets that dominate”[2] the music world.

Websites such as AltSounds focuses its mandate on the artists, the label companies, and most importantly the fans. It’s an online music community that provides its fans with choices from the music they hear to how they hear it. AltSounds praises opinion, and so they created a website that is “wholly interactive and constantly fresh.”[3] This online community lets its fans post their own opinion and music they love. Their ideology of being fan-focused allowed them to “create a promotional system for artists.”[4]

AltSounds challenges the idea that in order for an artist to be heard they need a contract with a label company. They developed a system in which artists create their own profiles, therefore promoting themselves for labels and fans to notice. For label companies they organized a method that allows them to advertise their company easily.

In this way, fans hear music by artists who are still not recognized by mainstream label companies. But, it also gives label companies the chance to notice hidden talent. It provides everyone with the necessary tools to make music accessible, fun and diverse. As their motto goes, “Independent music journalism: For the people, by the people” that as a result has allowed AltSounds to provide precise, balanced and honest opinions that in turn shape our music world.


Estefania Wujkiw

(I researched for criticism, but couldn’t find any.)

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